Stallings-Williams Post 206, Department of Maryland

Standing Committees

Stallings-Williams Post 206

2019-2020 Committees, Subcommittees, and Chairs


Veterans Affairs- Tim Markwald, Tim Danner

  1. Heroes to Hometown

  2. VA Volunteer Service Coordinator

National Security- Andy Charland/Charlie Choux

  1. POW/MIA—Ashton King

  2. Energy

  3. Foreign Relations

  4. Fire Prevention/Protection and Life Safety

  5. Crime Prevention/Law Enforcement

Public Relations- Les Griffith/Ross Crampton, Fred Bumgarner, Tim Markwald, Jack Gregory, 

Denise Larson

  1. Post Publicity

  2. Web Master

Funeral Honors- Scott Deacon

Economic- Arlene Rustmann, Pat McCoy

  1. Homeless Veterans

  2. Local Veterans Employment

  3. Career Fairs

Americanism- Al Landis/Rob Sybert, Pat Murphy, Pat McCoy

  1. Scholarship

  2. Holiday Services

  3. Boy’s State

  4. Oratorical Contest

Children and Youth- Charlie Choux/Les Griffith, Rob Sybert

  1. Boy Scout Liaison

  2. Young Marines Liaison

  3. Legion Baseball

  4. Rifle Team

Internal Affairs- Les Griffith, Pat McCoy Scott Deacon

  1. Legion Riders

  2. S.A.L. Liaison

  3. Auxiliary Liaison

Membership- Tim Markwald, Bill Rustmann

Building Committee- Charlie Choux, Jack Gregory, Pat Murphy, Roland Pelletier, Al  Vienes

Events & Post Activities Committee:  Pat McCoy, Tim Markwald, Al Landis, Ross Crampton (SAL),

Penny Van Dyke (LUX), Clarisse Choux (AUX),  Nancy Vienes (Honorary)